EasyArr is a new startup that offers an easy solution for anyone wantin to create all kinds of events. It is a digital product that allows you to seek funding, sell your tickets and then calculate and divide earnings between artists, space owners, and sponsors. I worked on user experience and user interface on both the website and the digital product.


We identified that there is a lot of talent all over Sweden that doesn't get a chance to perform due to a lack of funding. At the same time, there's also a lot of mid-size venues like bars ande restaurants that don't put on live shows.


Both the artists and venue owners both felt a risk of the initial cost of putting on a show without knowing if they would see a return on their investment. On top of that was all the paperwork and contracts that needed to be signed to make everything legal.


We set out to create a product to precalculate all the costs of an event, venue, sound technicians, doorman, etc. Then set up a crowdfunding page to get seed money to cover the cost of the event by pre-selling tickets to fans, friends, and family "seeders."

If the event reaches its goals, ticket sales start, and all involved can go through the event without risking losing any investments. If the event does not reach its goal within its time limits, all money is returned to the "seeders."


We identified that we needed to map out three different user journeys. One for the promoter, one for the artists/performance groups and one for the venue owners. We came to the insights that the venue owners needed a profile, where there could list there prices, same for the artists artists/performance groups. But all three users could potencially be the promoter of the event. With all that insight, we started mapping out the user flow of the website and digital product and creating wireframes.

Visual language:

The visual identity had already been created when I got on the project. Meaning the logo, fonts: Montserrat and primary colors blue white, so I set out to add som more soft secondary colours to balance out the strong blue and yellow. I then created graphic illustrations representing the wast range of different artists, promoters, venue owners and fans. That are used to visually clarify the product to the user.


We created a website that explained how the product works for each user. The SAAS product needed some trials and errors and several rounds of user tests, both quantitative and qualitative, before we reached a solution that is now launched and used by artists, venue owners, and promoters to create events with guaranteed profits.

You can sign up and create your own event over at easyarr.se

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